Experience quality

IQTIDAR Consulting and Training Center have been created to offer comprehensive service and technological solutions to its clients.

We offer training, consulting and outsourcing services in different engineering and IT fields.

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    Computer labs

    Computer labs are designed in a way that they will accommodate not more than twelve learners in one class. By this IQTIDAR will make sure that the quality of instructor-led training course will maintain the highest possible standards.

Experience quality

With a team over 20 consultants and trainers with broad, successful experience in Engineering as well as Operations gained at different continents, mainly in Europe; we offer specialized and tailor solutions for our valued clients.

 In Iqtidar we focus mainly on skills and competencies development, this enables us to identify the most valuable talents and empower our partners with competent workforce. IQTIDAR’s offices and training facilities are in Gulf Hotel – Gulf Executive Offices, 11th floor.
The location provides easy access and lots of parking capabilities. Training facilities are designed in the way that provides learners with utmost comfort and safety. The building is equipped with modern and efficient safety equipment.

Computer labs are planned to be equipped with state of the art visual aids and computers. The computers will be carefully selected for offered training courses. For example, computer’s specification of engineering and CAD courses will have dedicated graphics with relevant computing power and large, 24” screens.

Theoretical classrooms will be designed in a way to accommodate not more than sixteen learners in one class. IQTIDAR plans to provide training courses in two shifts. The morning shift, for those learners that can dedicate their full day to participate in a training course. The evening shift, for those who can only dedicate their spare time for participating in a training course. To facilitate those two shifts, the hours of operations of IQTIDAR will be from 8 am to 10 pm, five days a week. Weekend classrooms will be considered, based on learner’s availability and interests.